Want Money? 15 Sites You Can Use to Make Extra Money Right Now

15 Sites You Can Use to Make Extra Money Right Now

15 Sites You Can Use to Make Extra Money Right Now

Hello friends, welcome to reviewdekhlo.co.in Today we are going to tell you about “Want Money? 15 Sites You Can Use to Make Extra Money Right Now”.We hope you will like this post and for more such Upcoming Money Making Tips stay tuned to reviewdekhlo.co.in. If you want us to review something, in particular, you can tell us in the comments section below. So let’s begin the topic How to Earn Extra Money Right Now?.

One of the most common questions I get is, “Can I really make money taking surveys?” The short answer is, “Yes, you can.” Keep in mind, you won’t get rich. But you can certainly make some extra cash here and there that, in a month’s time, can really add up.

But there are so many survey companies out there each with unique ways to earn — what works for one person, might not for another.Whether you want to supplement your income or just think it’s about time to get paid to do the things you do anyway online, you can make money taking surveys.

Here’s 15 different legitimate survey sites — join one or join them all — you’re bound to find one that works for you.

1. Global Test Market

  • How You’re Paid: Points, Sweepstakes Entries
  • Payout Options: Paypal, Gift Codes, Charity
  • Ways to Earn: Surveys

Global Test Market has more than 4 million members in North America, Europe, and Asia. In 2014, they paid out more than $32 million in cash and rewards.

They partner with more than 200 companies and let you cash in points for gift codes, Paypal cash, or you can donate your points to charity! The amount per survey depends on demand and how long it is — surveys will pay up to $5 each.

If you’re a bit of a gambler, you can choose to be paid with sweepstakes entries and possibly win some considerable cash prizes and other rewards. After you sign up, you’re automatically entered into one of their $1,500 sweepstakes!

2. InboxDollars

  • How You’re Paid: Cash
  • Payout Options: InboxDollars eCard, Prepaid Visa, Check
  • Ways to Earn: Surveys, Paid Emails, Shop Online, Play Games, Offer Opt-Ins, Watch Videos

Inbox Dollars is kind of like Swagbucks — they operate under the idea that you should get paid for your daily online activities. There’s a lot going on at InboxDollars (which also means a lot of ways to earn money). Your account will be credited for doing basic things like completing your profile to answering an online poll and even signing up for an offer.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to sign up for offers or pay anything to use InboxDollars. However, let’s say you were going to sign up for Lifelock identity theft protection program anyway, if you do it through InboxDollars, you’ll get an extra $10.00. So, it may be worth checking their available offers before you sign up for a service or make an online purchase.

What makes InboxDollars unique is that they pay you to read emails. The more active you are, the more paid emails they’ll send your way. You can make money taking surveys at InboxDollars, but you can earn even more with their various offers. As a bonus, you get $5 for signing up and gain access to exclusive money-saving coupons and deals. For every coupon you redeem, you get $0.10 from InboxDollars — how’s that for stacking savings?

3. Ipsos i-Say

  • How You’re Paid: Points
  • Payout Options: Paypal Cash, Prepaid Visa, Gift Cards/Codes, Merchandise
  • Ways to Earn: Surveys

Ipsos i-Say rewards you for your loyalty — the more active you are, the more points you can earn. You can redeem earned points for gift cards and codes, Paypal cash, or a prepaid Visa card.

They also give you an opportunity to cash in your points for merchandise. So, if you have your eyes on a new handbag or toolset, you might be able to get it just from taking surveys.

You’ll earn i-Say points for each survey you take and automatically be entered into a sweepstakes. You could win luxury prize packages and vacation getaways.

4. Toluna

  • How You’re Paid: Points
  • Payout Options: Gift Cards, Sweepstake Entries, Bank Transfer, Paypal Cash, Check
  • Ways to Earn: Surveys, Sponsored Polls, Free Product Testing

Toluna is like a social survey site. You get rewarded for taking surveys, but you can also create polls and share your opinion in spirited debates with fellow panelists.

It pays to be active and involved on Toluna. When you have a completed profile with a picture, you are entered into their monthly sweepstakes. You can even invite friends to join Toluna and earn points for each one that signs up.

Toluna will never ask you to take surveys that attempt to sell products to you, which is nice. However, some of their surveys are looking for a really narrow set of participants. This means you may answer a lot of questions only to find you don’t qualify for the survey and won’t receive any points. If you want to make money taking surveys and connect with like-minded people, Toluna may just be the place for you!

5. Opinion Outpost

  • How You’re Paid: Points
  • Payout Options: Paypal Cash, Gift Codes
  • Ways to Earn: Surveys

Opinion Outpost will send you email invites every time there is a survey available for you. The number of invites you get will depend on your demographic information (sex, age, location, occupation, income, etc.)

Every three months, Opinion Outpost gives one of its panelists $10,000. Every time you take a survey, you receive an entry into the sweepstakes! So, the more active you are, the better your odds are of winning that $10,000.

Opinion Outpost works with a lot of brands and companies you’re already familiar with. You could take surveys for things like new package concepts, a business idea, or even a new movie.

6. VIP Voice

  • How You’re Paid: Points
  • Payout Options: Sweepstakes and Auction Entries
  • Ways to Earn: Surveys

When you join VIP Voice, your opinion and responses help influence brands. If you like entering online sweepstakes and love the thrill of auction sites, VIP Voice is probably the perfect survey site for you.

The points you earn can be used in BidLand and/or SweepLand. BidLand is where you go to win amazing prizes through exclusive auctions. SweepLand gives you the chance to win things like a Lake Tahoe Winter Vacation or a Deluxe Man Cave.

In addition to all the fun ways to earn and win, VIP Voice panelists get access to exclusive offers and discounts.

7. YouGov

  • How You’re Paid: Points
  • Payout Options: Prepaid Visa, Gift Cards, Physical Merchandise
  • Ways to Earn: Surveys

When it comes to taking interesting surveys, YouGov definitely takes the cake. They are a unique market research company that provides a live stream of what people are thinking — you could be part of that information supply when you join YouGov.

The process is simple: Sign up, YouGov will send you an email with a survey link, you click the link, answer some questions, and get rewarded. When you sign up, you get a bonus 2,000 points as a thank you.

That’s it. A typical survey takes just five to seven minutes. YouGov even publishes many of the poll results that you’ve participated it — it’s fun to see what others are thinking compared to your answers.

8. SurveyClub2

Like the other survey sites listed here, it’s free to sign up as a panelist at SurveyClub2. What’s unique about them, however, is the fact they’ll alert you to paid testing opportunities via text or email, so you never miss out on the
perfect opportunity to earn.

  • How You’re Paid: Cash
  • Payout Options: Paypal
  • Ways to Earn: Surveys, Research, Product Testing, Clinical Trials

Plus, there’s lots of opportunities to earn here for everything from product tests to focus groups. As a panelist, you’ll even gain access to hundreds of local research facilities and opportunities in nearby cities.

You’ll be paid each time you participate in a study. And you get to choose whether you want your cash via PayPal or check. Sign up and get access to paid studies now (and start earning!).

9. Product Report Card

Getting started as a paid panelist at Product Report Card takes just five minutes. After that, you’ll start receiving invites to earn in as little as 24 hours! You’ll get paid for each survey you complete. How much you earn is up to you — the more you participate the more you’ll earn.

Rewards range from cash to Amazon gift codes, and even free products you get to test and keep! Joining is easy and takes just a few minutes — get started today.

10. EarningStation

You know you’re going to watch videos, play games, shop and clip coupons online, right? So, why not get paid to actually do these things?That’s the whole point of EarningStation — get rewarded for everyday online activities. You get to choose how you earn and can redeem Station Dollars, like cash, for gift codes to some of your favorite stores.Sign up today and complete your profile and finally get paid for all the things you do online.

11. Survey Junkie

At Survey Junkie, you’ll join the ranks of survey takers whose opinions are used to make a difference — literally. The studies and surveys you participate in are for big-name brands and businesses who genuinely care about consumers’ opinions.

  • How You’re Paid: Points
  • Cash Out Options: PayPal cash or Gift Cards
  • Ways to Earn: Studies and Surveys

With more than 3,000,000 members (and growing), it’s easy to see why Survey Junkie is popular among survey takers. I’m a fan because you get instant cash outs — no waiting weeks for payments to clear. When you’re ready for Paypal cash or gift cards, you get it. It’s that simple.

12. The Smart Panel 

It really doesn’t get much easier than this. When you sign up for the Smart Panel, you’ll turn your computer or smartphone into a passive income machine.

Here is how it works:

Install the Smart App on your smartphone(s), tablet(s), and/or PCs. The Smart App runs in the background while anonymously and securely collecting statistical data about how you use those devices.As soon as you install the Smart App on all your devices, you can start earning rewards. You’ll get $5 just for qualifying, $5 for every installed month after that, and a loyalty bonus every three months!

As an active Smart Panel member, you can make a difference and at the same time earn $110 in 12 months, $170 in 18 months, and $230 in 24 months, just for simply using your devices like you do every day.That’s it. You’ll never know that the app is installed on your phone. And before you know it, you’ll have money waiting for you — easy-peasy.

13. My Survey

Ready to share your opinion with some of your favorite brands? MySurvey is the place for you.

  • How You’re Paid: Points
  • Cash Out Options: Products, Gift cards, Vouchers, Money
  • Ways to Earn: Surveys taken via app, desktop, or mobile devices

In 2014, they paid out more than $32 million (yes, million) to their survey takers. You can get your slice of the pie by signing up too. Not only is it a fun way to earn extra cash and rewards, but your opinion can help influence future products.

14. NiceQuest Panel 

Who doesn’t like to get gifts? Well when you join the NiceQuest Panel, you can reward yourself with gifts just by answering questions and sharing your opinion!

  • How You’re Paid: Shells (NiceQuest Currency)
  • Cash Out Options: Redeem shells for gifts
  • Ways to Earn: Take surveys sent directly to your inbox

That’s it. Whether you’re looking for a toaster over, gift cards, balance bikes, activity tracker (or anything in between), sign up for NiceQuest to start earning. The ‘shells’ you accumulate can be redeemed for many cool gifts you can send to others or yourself (we won’t tell).

15. PointClub 

I know there’s no such thing as ‘easy money,’ but with PointClub, it doesn’t get much easier! All you do is take surveys, get points, and redeem them for cash. That’s it.

  • How You’re Paid: Points
  • Cash Out Options: Cash or gift cards
  • Ways to Earn: Online surveys

Because PointClub wants you to stay on board and start earning ASAP, they’ll reward you with free $5.00 in points once you complete registration, getting you one step closer to redemption time!

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