Top 5 Haunted Places in Australia


Top 5 Haunted Places in Australia

Have you ever noticed something unusual which can’t be described to anyone else? Same things have been noticed by some visitors as well as by local residents of Australia. Hence, these places came under the Top 5 Haunted Places of Australia. This article describes those places and also about their tours. So if you find something interesting then visit those places.We hope you will like this review and for more such reviews stay tuned to If you want us to review something, in particular, you can tell us in the comments section below. So let’s begin.


HISTORYMonte Cristo Homestead is a historic property constructed by local pioneer Christopher William Crawley in 1885. As the Great Southern Railway Line opened in 1878, and he built the Railway Hotel in 520 acres opposite to the bustling railway station. In the year 1963, the house acquired a new owner named  Reg and Olive Ryan.This is an award-winning tourist place because of its evergreen haunting stories which keep gaining the popularity nationwide.

STORY-A maid was pushed from the balcony of the house, a boy was burned while he was sleeping and a baby girl threw downstairs and many more. It is believed that the house is haunted by 7 people who died there.

There are many such sinister tales that the Ryan Family believe still haunt the hallways of Monte Cristo.Olive Ryan, who has been living there for 50 years utters that she felt the presence of the Christopher and Elizabeth Crawley, earlier owners, who are believed to be still present in the house in spirit form since their deaths in 1910 and 1933 respectively.After the death Mr. Reginald Ryan in 2014 now Olive Ryan has confirmed that the house carries the torc.h of legacy.

Interesting– It was the focus of the 2012 horror film”Muirhouse”

GHOST TOUR—It’s a paid tourist place of $195.00 per person where Ryans run ghost tours and sleepovers in the mansion with amusing stories.


The Archive was established as National Historical Film and Speaking Record Library (then Commonwealth National Library) in 1935, inaugurated by Prime Minister the Bob Hawke headquartered at Canberra. It aims collecting works related to and film industries which were created in the ninety’s when the sound recording was in its infancy to those which are composed nowadays.

Earlier it was the Institute of Anatomy from 1931-84 which was the site of scientific experiments and housed human skeletons, animal specimens, and artifacts.It had the history of dead bodies and continued when one of the contractors was pinned by some supernatural powers and seen by many people downstairs at that time.

GHOST TOUR—It is also having a ghost tour organized by Tim the Yowie Man at $70


HISTORYBoggo Road Gaol was a heritage listed, Australian prison, operational for 119 years which reflects penological features of the 19th century opened again in 2012 is the center of attraction among tourist.It was Queensland’s main prison in the ancient time for many years. The gates of the prison are open for all now so that people can visit this place and historical tours are organize by Boggo Road Gaol.

STORY—In this jail DIVISION NUMBER 2 has gained popularity among the people of the 19th century because of its actions that were considered superheroic such as continuous hunger strikes, riots, the escapes and brutal deaths of the prisoners during an escape. It is believed that it is their spirits whose presence is being felt today.

Top 5 Haunted Places in Australia

GHOST TOUR—$25 per head that includes a movie of 30 minutes “The Green Mile”.


The Fremantle Arts Centre claims to be one of the most haunted buildings in Western Australia has a fascinating story. This building was opened as the ‘Convict Establishment Fremantle Lunatic Asylum’ in 1864.

STORY—The building was constructed as the asylum but later became the central cause for the elderly, alcoholism, and prostitution. In the 1890s, miners and Chinese labourers were admitted suffering from the sunstroke and opium smoking. Finally, in 1900, the death of Mrs. Clifford by the hands of a violent patient sparked a public scandal.

Best Haunted places of Australia At the time of Mrs. Clifford’s death, a total of 219 patients were residing in the asylum, and the worst part was that 17-20 patients were accommodated in a single room. An official inquiry was done after the incident which finally resulted in the appointment of a medical superintendent and a trained mental health nurse.

Cold spots, sounds of crying of a small baby girl, laughter and yelling are commonly noticed by the people. Many people have reported the feeling of being kissed on the cheeks by notorious supernatural powers. A lot of the activities take place on the first floor of the building such as the doors open and close and some people also describe that the objects move themselves on the floor and air.

GHOST TOUR— Tour is free of cost


Australia Top Haunted Places Melbourne’s eye-catching and most appealing Princess Theatre is regarded as a landmark in various Melbourne’s spectacular sites. In 1854, the theatre was purchased by Marriner Theatres and a handful plans were made for its total renovation so that it can be established as a live theatre venue. The Princess Theatre was reopened with two new musicals “LES MISERABLES” and “THE PHANTOM OF OPERA” which created new records in Victoria.

STORY—His real name was Frederick Baker also known as Frederick Federici. He came out to Australia in the mid-1880s to perform operas and operettas across the country, through which is he found a way to the production of Faust at the Princess Theatre in Melbourne. In 1888,  at the opening night was he was playing the role of Mephistopheles. The play finishes with Mephistopheles, that was an end of the play as well as his life also. He had suffered a heart attack which contributed to his died at that moment only. As an actor, he performed his best at the last time also.

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