Mobile companies providing personal information to anyone who pays

Mobile companies

If you remembered that last year, Verizon punished by the FCC because it is injecting information into its subscribers traffic that allowed them to be tracked without their consent.Mobile provider easily provides your mobile number, location, and other personal details.Mobile companies providing personal information to anyone who pays.

Now this time again happened but the possibility was discovered by the Philip Neustrom, co-founder of Shotwell Labs, who posted in his blog.He found a pair of websites If you visited that sites and fill some information like zip code from your mobile phone then the mobile companies easily can track your location, mobile info.,mobile contract details etc.

It seems to be similar to the Unique Identifier Header used by Verizon. The UIDH was once adjoined to HTTP requests made by way of Verizon users, allowing web pages they visited to see their location, billing knowledge and so on.

Now, this time you cannot say that it is a huge scam or maybe not but one thing that is the data could be very useful for an instance, an can assure after checking the location of employee’s mobile phone.Some companies Like- Payfone and Danal users have an option to opt these kinds of tracking because there is a no problem.

During the conversation with Rodger Desai CEO of Payfone.He wrote back in an email.

According to Philip Neustrom mobile providers don’t work very hard to verify the consent of users.If you want to see the demo of it then you can opt into the tracking but we have not received any email/messages from mobile providers regarding verification process.Due to which these kinds of a request could be made fraudulently. I think that mobile providers should change verification process like (Matching IPs etc.).

I’ve asked from Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T whether they participate in this kind of program, providing subscribers details to anyone who pays.