AOL Instant Messenger will be discontinued on December 15, 2017

AOL Instant Messenger

Hello, My dear Visitors- I want to tell you something which is more interesting thing.First of all you know that what is AIM? it is an instant messenger which is popularly known as AOL(previously America Online) Instant messenger which allow to registered users to communicate in actual time.In the starting phase of AOL it was integrated into AOL desktop and in may 1997 it was also available for Microsoft Windows.In 2008, AIM was officially launched for mobile devices.AOL Instant Messenger will be no longer to use.

AIM was designed by JoRoan Lazaro and was implemented in the first release in 1997.This was a yellow stickman-like figure, often called the ‘Running Man’.Now AIM’s owner, Oath Inc., announced that it would discontinue AIM as a service on December 15, 2017.

Sharing AIM old login credential online is a bad idea. From a security purposes, old AOL logins are a potential goldmine of personal details for anyone trying to hack your accounts. If you think that your old AIM ID screen name is not useful for anyone or not to be hacked by anyone, but you’d be wrong.

Other classic chat apps have shut down in recent years, too. MSN Messenger shut down in 2014, and Yahoo Messenger shut down last year (although Yahoo also launched a new messaging service under the same name). It was only a matter of time until AIM joined them, but there’s still some nostalgia in seeing it go.

With AIM on its way out the door, now’s your last chance to write that perfect away message.

One Last Away Message

If you were a 90’s kid, chances are there was a point in time when AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) was a huge part of your life. You likely remember the CD, your first screenname, your carefully curated away messages, and how you organized your buddy lists. Right now you might be reminiscing about how you had to compete for time on the home computer in order to chat with friends outside of school. You might also remember how characters throughout pop culture from “You’ve Got Mail” to “Sex and the City” used AIM to help navigate their relationships. In the late 1990’s, the world had never seen anything like it. And it captivated all of us.