10 things you didn’t know about Katy Perry

10 things about one of the most popular Katy Perry which you don't know

Today we are revealing some interesting and surprising facts about one of the most popular and successful female artists of our time. Let’s talk about Katy Perry.10 things you didn’t know about Katy Perry


Katy Perry was born 25th October 1984 in Santa Barbara California. She grew up in a strict religious family and was only allowed to listen to Christian music. As a teenager, she decided to pursue a career in gospel singing. At 16 she signed a deal with Red Hill records but her debut album was commercially unsuccessful, she then ventured into secular music for the first time and eventually ended up being signed by Capitol Records in 2007 at the age of 24.

The following year she released her album “One of the boys” and gained popularity through her singles “I kissed a girl” and “Hot and cold”. Her fame and popularity continued to soar with her third album “Teenage Dreams”. Her fourth album was “Prism” and her latest album “Witness” which she released in 2017.

She is one of the best selling music artists of all time with over 100 million records sold globally and her videos have gotten billions of views on YouTube and VRBO. She is one of the top-earning women in music and her net worth is 125 million dollars. She also released an autobiographical documentary in 2012 called “Katy Perry part of me”.We are inspired by Katy’s incredible success, talent, ambition and a luxurious lifestyle so let’s take a closer look at this top female artist with the 10 things you didn’t know about Katy Perry.

1.She shares her name with a famous movie star. Katy Perry was born Katherine Elizabeth Hudson. So when she started her career as an entertainer she decided to change her name so that she would not be confused with movie star Kate Hudson for her professional name she dropped the Hudson and went by her nickname Katie and her mother’s maiden name Perry.

2.She was not allowed to watch the Smurfs as a child because Katy grew up with parents who were both very strict Pentecostal Christian pastors. There were many things Katy was not allowed to do in addition to not being allowed to read Harry Potter, she was also not allowed to watch many television shows including The Smurfs. This makes it particularly ironic that in 2011 Katy made her debut as the voice of Smurfette in the Smurfs movie and continued the role in the sequel back in 2013

3.Her 1st album was released under her original name. Katy started her singing career as a Christian singer at 16, she signed with red hill records and released her first album a Christian pop album that was released under her original name Katy Hudson. Katy says the album reached maybe 100 people before the label went bankrupt.

4.She was the 1st artist since Michael Jackson to have five number one hits on at the same time. Katy’s 2010 album “Teenage Dream” became the first album by a female artist in the US to have five number one singles which were California girls, teenage dream, firework, ET and last Friday night. She was only the second artist to ever achieve this milestone after Michael Jackson had five number one hits on his 1987 album Bad.

5.She was the highest earning women in the music industry in 2015. Katy topped Forbes list of the highest-earning women in music in 2015 with earnings of 135million dollars. She made the most of her income from her massively successful prismatic tour which grossed more than 200 million dollars in 126cities and she also has endorsement deals with several brands including Claire’s and CoverGirl. In 2016 she dropped to sixth on the list with earnings of 41 million dollars. Taylor Swift topped the 2016 list with earnings of 170million followed by Adele, Madonna, Rihana, and Beyonce.

6.She declined a twenty million dollars offer to be a judge on American Idol. Katy has served as a judge on the UK’s X Factor and she was also a guest judge on American Idol back in 2009. She was reportedly offered 20million dollars to act as a judge in a 2013 American Idol season but declined. However, she will be joining Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan as judges in the upcoming reboot of the program and she will be receiving 25 million dollars for the role.

7.She has the highest number of twitter followers out of all celebrities and personalities on Twitter. Katy has the most followers on the site, she currently has 105 million followers about 3 million more than the second most followed celebrity on the site Justin Bieber and 10 million ahead of the third most followed former US President Barack Obama.

8.She helped deliver her sister’s baby in their friend’s living room in February 2014. Katy tweeted finally you can add helps deliver babies in living rooms to my resume. Katy was talking about her sister Angela Hudson who had a planned water birth in the living room of her friend’s home. Katy was there to assist with the birth and actually filmed the whole thing on her iPhone.

9.She has written songs for artists such as Selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj and Kelly Clarkson in addition to writing songs for her own albums. Katy has also written songs for a number of other artists. The songs that she’s penned include get on your knees for Nicki Minaj, I do not hook up for Kelly Clarkson, rock god for Selena Gomez, a girl next door for Jesse James, passengers for Britney Spears and the Black widow for laggy Azalea.

10.She owns the Maserati grande Cabrillo Fendi limited edition. Katy is one of 50 people that owns the Maserati Gran Cabrio Fendi limited edition she also owns an Audi A5 Fisker Karma BMW 3 Series and Range Rover.