10 Interesting Facts You didn’t know About Skoda

10 Interesting Facts You didn't know About Skoda

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Skoda, Czech Automobile Manufacturer that has been in operation for an incredible 122 years. It was founded in 1895 as Laurin and Klement a company named after the founders Václav Klement and Václav Laurin. they started as a bicycle manufacturer and then moved into motorcycles and automobiles their first vehicle model the Voiturette A was released in 1905 and was a great success in 1925, The Laurin and Klement company was acquired by Skoda works one of the largest industrial enterprises in Europe after the world war two. It became part of the communist planned economy and they built a great reputation through a series of popular cars the fall of communism in Czechoslovakia allowed the Skoda company to be privatized once again Volkswagen was chosen by the Czech government to buy 30% of the company in 1991 and by 1995 they owned 70% under the ownership of the Volkswagen Group. Skoda increased its production reliability and quality and improved its reputation based in Mladá Boleslav in the Czech Republic. Skoda is now an eighth car brand made up of the citigo Fabia, rapid, Octavia, superb, yeti and Kodiak models we are inspired by Scotus long history ambitious goals, creative spirit and willingness to evolve so let’s learn even more about this Czech company with these 15 facts you didn’t know about Skoda.

1. The Skoda Company was founded because of an insult as mentioned earlier. the Skoda company started out as a bike manufacturing company. its origins can be traced back to an insult in 1894.Václav Klement could not find spare parts of his German bicycle so he returned his bike to the German manufacturer with a letter written in Czech ask them to carry out the repairs.he received a reply in German that said if you would like an answer to your inquiry you should try writing in a language we understand Klement was insulted by the reply and then decided to start his own bicycle repair shop along with Václav Laurin this company would eventually become Skoda.

2. Skoda was Austria – Hungary’s official weapons supplier once Skoda had established an efficient production process. they became the official supplier of weapons to the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1899. they produced heavy guns for the navy mounted guns and machine guns by 1917. they had nearly 35000 people working at their factory their weapons manufacturing continued through world war two.

3. Skoda holds the record for longest main sponsorship of a sporting world championship in May 2017. It’s achieved a record for the longest main sponsorship of a sporting world championship. when they sponsored the world Ice hockey championships for the 25th year in a row.

4. Skoda was the first motorcycle factory in central Europe in 1898. Vaclav Klement and Vaclav Laurin bought a motorcycle at which was powered by an engine mounted on the handlebars. when Laurin lost a front tooth in an accident the pair decided to invent a safer machine with its structure around the engine. they introduced the Slavia motorcycle in 1899 and the company became the first motorcycle factory in central Europe. they exported 150 of the machines to London and were credited by the press as the makers of the first motorcycle.

5.Skoda also produced locomotives ships aircraft and more after world war 2 Skoda expanded its production to various markets in addition to passenger vehicles in this time.they produced steam locomotives freight vehicles aircraft ships machine tools steam turbines and more.

6.Skoda plans to produce more than a million cars in a year. Skoda has been steadily increasing its production numbers ever since it was purchased by Volkswagen in 1991. In 2014 Skoda produce more than 1 million vehicles in a calendar year for the first time and their growth strategy involves hitting that million vehicle mark every year as a minimum they are on course for a record making production year in 2017 as they have already produced 1 million vehicles as of the end of October.

7.The Brand Introduced its first all-electric concept in 2017. the Volkswagen group has announced that it plans to make its entire lineup electric by 2030 and one example that shows that skoda is ready to take on the challenge is the vision a concept car that was introduced in the 2017 frankfurt motor show the vision is skoda’s first all electric concept and it’s two electric motors and 306 horsepower make a top speed of 112 miles per hour possible. it can travel up to 310 miles on a single charge this is also skoda’s first concept to offer level 3 autonomy which means that the car is capable of driving itself except in dangerous situations. skoda plans to offer five purely electric powered cars in its range by 2025.

8.Champion cyclist Bradley Wiggins is Skoda’s UK brand ambassador in 2017. Skoda chose five-time Olympic champion and tour the France winning cyclist Bradley Wiggins to represent the brand in the UK scoters representatives said Wiggins is the perfect fit for Skoda as the brand shifts gears because he’s just a normal bloke he will be representing the brand  for the next three years under his current contract.

9.Skoda was banned from using the monte carlo name in india the monte carlo name is used by skoda on some of its cars to pay homage to their monti color racing tradition and the car company pays the monarchy of Monaco for the rights to use its famous cities name however after using the name on a new version of the skoda rapid in india they were taken to court in 2017 for copyright infringement by Indian clothing manufacturer who owns the rights to the Monte carlo name in India the court ruled against skoda and they were banned from using the monte carlo name in India they rebranded the rapid monte carlo to the rapid edition X.

10.Volkswagwn said it would be suicide to bring skoda to North America in 1959 skoda exported its first and only car model to United states the skoda fellcia was such a failure in US Market that skoda has not imported any cars to US for retail sale since at the end of 2016 when skoda was reportedly toying with the idea of entering the north American market again a Volkswagen executive quickly announced it was not going to happen the senior VW chairman said we may be crazy but were not mad entering this huge market with an unknown brand a model range focused on Europe and a non-existent dealer network is pure suicide.