10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Australia

10 Best Facts You Didn't Know about Australia

10 Things you didn’t know about Australia

Today we will be discussing the beautiful land down under Australia if there is one thing that Australia is best known for its numerous stereotypes most of which involve various kinds of slang it’s well-known fact that Australians take pride in shortening almost every word in the English vocabulary , however, none of these  American fables tell the whole truth about this beautiful region what most people do not know is that by total area this country is ranked as the sixth largest it’s comprised of the mainland The Tasmanian Island and several other tiny islands that surround the entire continent  the Sydney is it’s biggest urban region while Canberra serves as the country’s capital to the north Australia  is neighboured by East Timor Indonesia and Papua New Guinea while new Zealand neighbours it to the southeast Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands neighbour it to the northeast dutch explorers discovered this island in the early 1600 which later opened it up to British settlers who claimed half of the entire region to the east prior to these settlements Australia was inhabited by indigenous Ozzie’s who are believed to have over 200 languages groups by the late 1800 Australia had already been fully occupied with over six different crown colonies established under colonial rule it wasn’t until January of 1901 that all six colonies came together federated  and formed the commonwealth of Australia today Australia is the world’s thirteenth strongest economy and the second when it comes to the global Human development Index it has also ranked highly in health civil liberties education quality of life economic freedom and as a tourist destination.


1. Multiple A-LIST Celebrities Home –

Home to Several A-LIST Celebrities little known by many is that Australia has produced a great number of Hollywood celebrities popular actors such as Hugh Jackman, Mel Gibson, Rebel Wilson, Lima and Chris Hemsworth and Nicole kidman this list is endless additionally the bootylicious rapper lggy Azalea also hails from this unique country.

2.Highest Number of Natural World Heritage Sites – 

The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization or UNESCO has listed several world heritage sites in Australia however only four of them are not natural heritage sites the four include Carlton Gardens Sydney Opera House Royal Exhibition Building and Australian convict sites.

3.Australia is almost equal in size to the USA –

Most People assume that Australia is a very small country the truth of the matter is that it’s only smaller than the US by approximately 7.7 square kilometers its only issue is the fact that has a small population however it covers a very huge expanse but more or less similar in size to the United States.

4. 7000 Beaches in Australia –

Australia is home to 7000 beaches yes as crazy as it may sound Australia Literally has 7000 beaches this is due to its unique geographical structure which includes numerous islands apart from the mainland itself and this is what gives Australia the number one ranking when it comes to tourist friendly destinations worldwide therefore if surfing, sunbathing, fishing or beach volleyball is your thing you will definitely find Australia to be a very welcoming host.

5.The Longest Fence in the world –

The Longest Fence in the world the saying added like a rabbit’s holds a lot of weight in Australia there’s fence believed to stretch for approximately 5600 kilometers that were originally put in place to prevent rabbits from spreading later on the fence helped keep dingoes from accessing any fertile regions.

6.Longest Golf Course Worldwide –

Longest Golf Course Worldwide still on extremes Australia’s home to the biggest golf course in the world it is  estimated to be 1 million three hundred and sixty –eight thousand metres in size so for all golf lovers Australia has a whole lot to offer it is also important to note that Australia has the longest railway  stretch known to man four hundred and 78,000 metres in length.

7.Bob Hawke Australia’s beer Minister – 

Bob Hawke Australia’s beer Minister no one has served longer as Australia’s prime minister than bob hawke however his fame came to be 30 years prior to his election after he broke a Guinness world record by drinking two and a half pints  of beer in 12 seconds to a great extent his election into office was  greatly influnenced by this since the  majority of those that voted for him worthy beer drinking population.

8.Foster’s is not the Australian drink of choice

Foster’s is not the Australian drink of choice aussies definitely drank a whole lot of beer however contrary to popular belief foster’s is not among the popular beer brands in the country the beer preferences here varies depending on the geographical location for instance copper’s is a very popular choice in southern Australia as well as Adelaide where as forex gold is more popular in Queensland .

9.The Second Greece –

Australia and specifically Melbourne is home to the largest Greek population that is after Greece there are great greek sites to visit  such  as the Hellenic Museum and the Hellenic Foundation for culture centre.

10.Weirdest Laws on the Earth –

They have some of the weirdest laws on earth Australia has some of the strangest rules for instance it’s Requirement that taxi cabs carry one bale of hay in the trunk why nobody knows put rules are rules and another weird rule is that in Victoria it’s illegal to dawn pink hot pants on a Sunday afternoon another notable law is that under the offenses Act of 1966 it’s illegal for anyone to be heard singing allowed any song deemed as obscene  that means its illegal to sing along to 70% of rap music known to man in Australia it’s even illegal to leave one’s car key in the ignition of an unattended vehicle safety first right.